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Haoyang is a high-tech services provider, committed to providing customers with comprehensive services, which include consulting, design, construction of environmental protection projects, the research and manufacturing of diverse materials, and after-sale service. It is this great service that keeps customers coming back to us time and again for high quality geotextile materials.

Professional Technical Support is Available Through Haoyang's Technology Research and Development Team.

Haoyang has its own research institute, which focuses on the consulting and design of various environmental projects, research and development of diverse materials, construction, and disposal of hazardous wastes, so that all projects utilizing our geotextile materials are safe, reliable and efficient. With this research, customers can rest assured that anything we provide is the most advanced, recent technology.

Haoyang has over 40 professional personnel to install our geosynthetics products. Two of them are the members of international association of geosynthetic installers, and they have been sent to People’s Republic of Mongolia and Iran to provide professional guidance and supervision for the construction. We adopt professional welding and inspection equipment imported from Switzerland, and strictly follow the construction procedures, which guarantee the quality and progress of the construction.

Technical support
High precision machining
Professional testing facilities to guarantee high quality of the products
Humanized package design and delivery
Professional construction team to assist the customer to operate

Why Do We Provide Customized Services?
Haoyang's products are used in diverse environmental protection projects, such as waste disposal, the control of water and soil loss, mining, ecological treatment of bags, cloth, and films. Due to the wide application range, the requirements regarding the dimensions, materials, appearance, package, and quantity are all different from project to project, making it difficult to find standardized products. With individual, customized services and professional consultation, customers know they will be able to find exactly what they need for their specific project.

What can We Provide to Our Customers?
1. Existing materials combined with our relentless effort to assist our production team in their ability to meet different requirements for different customers.
2. We also possess extensive manufacturing experience.
3. Our profit margins are sufficient so that we may provide the capital required to research and produce new products, new technology and new production lines to better to serve clients with ever changing technological needs and market demands.
4. We provide export declaration and transport service for other products as determined by our customers.

English Name: Hao Yang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
Russian Name: ООО Хао Ян окружающей среды

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