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Company Profile

Haoyang Environmental Co., Ltd., also known as Shandong Haoyang New Engineering Material Co., Ltd., is dedicated to providing clients with a comprehensive line of high-quality geosynthetic products and superior service. We place the highest priority on working with customers to find ideal solutions and provide outstanding services including: design, construction and operation of diverse projects. Our firm was established in June 2008 and is located in Dezhou city, Shandong province, China, a mature industrial zone offering a plethora of logistical advantages in terms of reduced shipping costs, faster shipping times, excellent work force availability to name a few.

Certificates and Licenses Earned by Haoyang
ISO9001 Quality Management System
ISO14001 Environmental Management System
OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Management System
National Industrial Products Production Permit
Safe Production License
Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate
Grade II Contractor for Waterproof, Anti-Corrosion and Insulating Materials
Contractor for Special Construction (Anti-seepage)

Haoyang's R&D Center, established in 2012, organizes operations in the following segments
1. Consulting and Design for Engineering Projects
2. Development and Application of Eco-Friendly Products
3. Hazardous Waste Disposal

Honors Won
Haoyang's firm commitment to research and development efforts has resulted in several patents awarded as well as significant technological breakthroughs. We have also earned several prestigious honors from the Chinese Government:
1. High-technology enterprise
Excellent Enterprise for Trustworthy Quality in China
2. Technological Center of Shandong Province
3. A-Level credible enterprise
Inspection certificate
4. Top Brand of Shandong

Haoyang has officially been granted membership to the following well known industry groups: International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) and the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers(IAGI) since 2015.

Manufacturing Capacity
Haoyang's comprehensive product offerings includes over 20 production lines, including the first 10-meter-wide line of blown geomembrane and the first twin-screw extruder line of filament geotextiles in China. We also develop and apply our own special product lines for high-strength geomembrane, compound geotextile and extra-wide woven textile. The company provides needle-punched polyester filament nonwoven, staple fiber nonwoven, filament woven and slit film woven geotextile, geomembrane, composite geomebrane, geogrid, composite geonet, geosynthetic clay liner, etc.

Our product Applications
Haoyang products have been widely applied in water protection, irrigation and drainage, road construction, urban and industrial environmental protection, as well as several other industries and related sectors. Especially in handling high-risk industrial solid waste control projects. Haoyang has gained a stellar reputation in the industry through such as the honor of having been invited to participate in national projects like South-to-North Water Transfer, and Northeastern China 3-Rivers' Control

Our Vision
Haoyang places great focus on hazardous waste operation through financing and management and is dedicated to act as a one-stop service provider both domestically and internationally. To achieve this goal, we will strongly adhere to our core values of Excellence, Dedication, Consistence, Innovation and Integrity with the very high goal of "Clean Earth and Healthy Life", for all.

Our Mission
With strict adherence to our mission statement, our products consistently contribute to and satisfy many customers both at home and around the globe in countries and regions like, the United States, Japan, Australia, France, Russia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Tanzania, and other regions.

English Name: Hao Yang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
Russian Name: ООО Хао Ян окружающей среды

Add.: Yinbin Road, National High-Tech Industry Development Zone, Dezhou City (Yucheng), Shandong Province, China
E-mail: hyhjzhk@126.com
Contact person:Hengkai Zhao
Mobile: +86-15206916666
Tel.: +86-534-7281887
QQ: 810637027