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    1. Nonwoven Geotextile This nonwoven geotextile fabric is a spunbond polyester continuous filament needle punched material made from 100% virgin polyester resin. Haoyang's production line uses internationally advanced, twin-screw extrusion and dual-array wire system technology with pipe flow distraction, plate wire systems, and high speed needle punching in order to produce fabric that is extremely strong, resistant to aging, acid/abrasion, and flexible.
    1. Woven Geotextile The Haoyang HYFW series woven geotextile is made up of two sets of filament shuttle woven fabric. These geotextile fabrics are divided into different categories based on construction. These types are single layer woven (filter geotextiles), double layer geotextiles (geofabriform geotextiles), and woven cloth seepage control. The high strength, low elongation polypropylene, polyester, and other synthetic fiber filaments make for durable raw materials.
    1. HYH0.5-HYH3 Smooth Surface HDPE Geomembrane Liner The Haoyang HYH series HDPE geomembrane liner is produced using a blow molding method and materials that produce an excellent finished material that is resistant to environmental stress, low temperature, aging, and corrosion. The membranes have a wide useful temperature range and can be used for up to 50 years without replacement.
    1. HYMT1-HYMT3 Melt Injection Textured HDPE Geomembrane Liner Based on the molecular structure of its raw materials, polyethylene (PE) geomembranes are divided into low density polyethylene (LDPE) geomembrane, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane. The raw materials are colorless and transparent but our fabric rolls can be made into a variety of colors such as black, green, blue, yellow, etc.
    1. HYHT1-HYHT3 Water Roughening Textured HDPE Geomembrane Liner 1. HDPE textured geomembrane liner is useful in a variety of environmental protection and sanitation applications: landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants
      2. HDPE geomembrane is applicable in hydraulic engineering operations such as seepage control, plugging, reinforcement for rivers, lakes, reservoirs and dams, slope protection, etc.
    1. Drainage Geonets Bi-planar drainage geonets are also known as two-dimensional drainage geogrids and double layer geosynthetic drainage nets. The three-dimensional drainage net is also called a tri-planar drainage net, tri-dimension compound geonet, and 3D drainage net. Based on customer requirements, these drainage geonets can be combined with other materials, including geotextiles.
    1. HAOYANG HYG series GCL geosynthetic clay liners are made by filling high swelling sodium bentonite between layers of a special composite geotextile fabric and non-woven fabric. A special needle punching method locks the sodium bentonite into the woven fabric in the lower layer by punching through the non-woven fabric in the upper layer, thus, providing both protection and reinforcement of the bentonite.
    1. HAOYANG HYGG series biaxial and uniaxial geogrids are an integrated structure designed especially for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. The geogrid is manufactured using Polypropylene through an extrusion, longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching process.
      Applications include base reinforcement, subgrade reinforcements, slope reinforcements and embankment stabilization, making them ideal solutions for customers in a variety of road construction projects.
    1. Geotextile ecological bags (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) are an important component for flexible ecological slope engineering systems, with filtering functions for objective-water penetration and soil conservation in order to prevent the loss of fillings (mixture of soil and other nurseries), and to maintain a normal exchange of moisture in the soil. This reduces the hydrostatic pressure of the slope, while simultaneously maintaining effective and timely replenishment of the water needed for plant growth in order to maintain media required for vegetation life.
    1. The HAOYANG HYSP series smart pot (non-woven, laminate) is available in a cylinder, cone, square or rectangular shape (with or without handles) to suit various customer needs. It is made of PP/PET (polypropylene / polyester) non-woven fabric. This pot varies from 20cm to 250cmin bottom diameter, 20 to 60cmin height, 1mm to 1cm for the thickness, and 1 gallon to 800 gallons for the volume.
      This recyclable and durable smart pot, is made from 100% PP needle-punching non-woven fabric and a laminate through a special processing. It features a light weight, an excellent tensile strength and outstanding ultraviolet resistance.
    1. Weeding cloth is made of slit film woven geotextiles and short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextiles after a needle punching and compounding process. Weed block landscape fabric not only prevents weeds, it encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool. Made of UV-treated polypropylene, this cost-effective weed control fabric allows for the free flow of air, water and nutrients to the soil while blocking sunlight – and weeds.

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