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  • Solid waste disposal-Heqing

    Expansion Project for Tailings Pond for Heqing Beiya Mining Industry Co., Ltd.
    HDPE geomembrane, filament spunbond non-woven geotextile, biaxial geogrid and other products supplied by Haoyang were used in the project. Our products and construction services provide long-term stability to the seepage prevention system, effectively avoiding pollution from the tailing percolate to the surrounding area.

    The expanded tailing pond covers 17,000,000m3, with a 12-year service life. Because the chlorine tailings are considered hazardous wastes, we used a double liner seepage prevention system in accordance with the national technical requirements for safety landfills of hazardous materials.

  • Solid waste disposal-Kunming

    Phosphogypsum Tailings Impoundment Project for Sinochem Yunlong Co., Ltd.
    In order to provide a safe and effective disposal for the tailing wastes, we provided the products needed and carried out the construction using HDPE geomembrane liners, geotextiles, drainage geonet, and other products required.

    The tailings impoundment project is located in Laoheilonggou in the Yunnan Province. The first stage is a third class tailing, with an effective storage capacity of 8,342,700m3, which satisfies the need for 10-year production and stockpiling. It also has a 20km slurry pipeline and a 20km backwater pipe. The seepage prevention system for tailings impoundment is composed of several layers.

  • Solid waste disposal-Inner Mongolia

    Evaporation Pond for Recycling Water- China Coal Meng Daxin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.
    The project covers an area of 30,000 m2 for the terminal treatment of sewage. In order to ensure groundwater safety, we provided staple fiber spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextiles, geomembranes and other seepage prevention products as well as the needed construction service.

    China Coal Meng Daxin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Wushengzhao chemical engineering project area, in Inner Mongolia. Our company delivered an engineering plastic project which produces 50 million tons of products in one year. We contracted the project concerning four main manufacturing sections.

  • Solid waste disposal-Indonesia

    Indonesian Alumina Red Mud Pond Project
    Due to the stable quality and a higher performance compared to the national standard, our HYH0.5—HYHT3 HDPE geomembrane liners was chosen by a client for an Indonesian alumina red mud pond project, and received outstanding feedback from the customer.

    Red mud is a mixture of waste residues and waste water produced in the production of aluminum ore. It is known as red mud because it is rich in iron oxide (ferrous oxide is oxidized to iron oxide in open conditions), giving it a reddish color. Red mud is strongly alkaline, and contains aluminum in an ionic state, fluorine, chromium and other harmful substances.

  • Solid waste disposal-Shaanxi

    The First-Stage Project of a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
    The seepage control project for this first-stage project of municipal solid waste landfill was done with a composite liner, and used our company's drainage geonet to guide the leachate drainage, which effectively protects the surface water, groundwater and soil from being polluted.

    The first-stage project for a municipal solid waste landfill is located in Jingbian County, covering an area of 62,476m2, with a landfill capacity of 1.04 million m3, and an effective capacity of 1.029 million m3, filling scale of 300 tons/day, and 10-year service life.

  • Solid waste disposal-Ningxia

    Ultra - Fine Fly Ash Solid Waste Disposal
    Location of Construction Site: Lingwu City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
    Planned Activity Duration: from October 2015 to September 2018

    The Current Plan
    Lingwu Company's new project of fine fly ash solid comprehensive utilization was contracted and invested by Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Ningxia Fairview Industrial Company. Ningxia Fairview Industrial Company is the key enterprise of "double-hundred engine" in a circular economy published by the National Development and Reform Commission, and is known as a key enterprise in solid waste disposal.

  • Water Conservancy Engineering-Heilongjiang

    Sanjiang River Control Project in Heilongjiang Province
    The planned embankment length of the Sanjiang river control project is 2955km, with 23 construction tenders, 10 supervision tenders and 10 inspection tenders. The new and reinforced embankment length is 2537 kilometers, which is planned to provide drainage service for 644 blocks, 278 of which are newly built or have been rebuilt.

    This project is designed to protect an area of 42 billion m2, with more than 10.74 million residents protected against flooding. The estimated investment is about 24.3 billion yuan, and the construction time is about 3-5 years.

  • Water Conservancy Engineering-Ningxia

    Duyaogou Reservoir Project
    Duyaogou reservoir is located in Yanchi county, in China.
    The project received formal approval from the water conservation department of Ninxia autonomous region on October 21st, 2014 with an overall investment of 56.74 million yuan. The project was fully implemented in March of 2015. An earlier acceptance was delivered by the water conservation department of Ninxia autonomous region on August 31st. 1st

  • Water Conservancy Engineering-Hanjiang Basin

    South-to-North Water Transfer Project
    The Chinese government is building a 500 billion yuan South-North Water Transfer Project. It ultimately aims to channel fresh water from the Yangtze River in southern China to the more arid and industrialized north through three canal systems: the Eastern Route; the Central Route, and the Western Route.

    The South-North Water Transfer Project is a meaningful strategic project with the purpose of solving the phenomenon of southern flooding and northern drought and the subsequent serious water shortage in northern China. By doing so, a harmonious development of northern and southern China population, resources, environment and society will be achieved.

  • Transportation Projects-Beijing-Shijiazhuang

    Construction Site of the Beijing-Shijiazhuang High Speed Railway Project
    Due to varied construction requirements, 30KN/m biaxial geogrid of 87,000m2, 100KN/m biaxial geogrid of 67,000m2, geotextiles and many other products supplied by Haoyang have been used in different sections of the project.

    Taking into consideration the ride performance during high speed operation, one of the major problems in railway construction is the ability to control deformations in the roadbed. This produces an extra force to the carriage wheel during high-speed motion, which shortens the service life of the structures and even cause dangerous conditions. The damage can become expensive for maintenance and handling.

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