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Development History

Haoyang participated in the 2017 Geotechnical Frontiers conference held at Orlando, FL, US.

Haoyang participated 2016 Geo-Americas, 2016 Euro-Geo, and 2016 Geo-Asia.
Our company changed its name to Haoyang Environmental Co., Ltd.

Haoyang completed a manufacturing facility expansion which spans an area of 15,000m2.

Haoyang's products earned the designation of, "Qualified Products of the National Quality Inspection nd Stability".
Haoyang earned three invention patents
Haoyang acquired safe work permits

Two Haoyang projects were awarded the provincial certificates for scientific and technological achievement, and reached the international advanced level.

These two projects are:
1. Production required spun-bended web through the adoption of the step method with waste plastics (or the recycled PET bottles)
2. The production of reinforced Composite Geomembrane with 8m Width.
Haoyang was also awarded with six utility patents.

Haoyang completed 11 production lines used for the first phase of a geosynthetic project.

Haoyang completed our transformation into a joint-stock company.
The company was officially listed in the Qilu equity exchange center, and its stock code is 100018.
Haoyang added 4 production lines allowing our company to become a comprehensive resource-saving enterprise providing diverse services, such as consulting and designing of environmental projects, research and development of diverse engineering materials, and construction.

The first production line-filament spunbonded acupuncture production line is officially put into operation.
Three production lines - film blowing, singeing geotextile and composite drainage mesh are expanded.
Haoyang became the supplier of the South-North Water Diversion Project.
Haoyang passed the identifications of GB/T24001-2004 idtISO14001:2004 environment management system.

Haoyang Environmental Co., Ltd. is officially established.
Haoyang passed the identification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

English Name: Hao Yang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
Russian Name: ООО Хао Ян окружающей среды

Add.: Yinbin Road, National High-Tech Industry Development Zone, Dezhou City (Yucheng), Shandong Province, China
E-mail: hyhjzhk@126.com
Contact person:Hengkai Zhao
Mobile: +86-15206916666
Tel.: +86-534-7281887
QQ: 810637027