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Water Conservancy Engineering-Hanjiang Basin

South-to-North Water Transfer Project
The Chinese government is building a 500 billion yuan South-North Water Transfer Project. It ultimately aims to channel fresh water from the Yangtze River in southern China to the more arid and industrialized north through three canal systems: the Eastern Route; the Central Route, and the Western Route.

The South-North Water Transfer Project is a meaningful strategic project with the purpose of solving the phenomenon of southern flooding and northern drought and the subsequent serious water shortage in northern China. By doing so, a harmonious development of northern and southern China population, resources, environment and society will be achieved.

Haoyang participated in the construction of the project, and provided HYF4.5—HYF40 nonwoven geotextile, composite geomembrane liners and other products. The products were delivered on time, with a reliable delivery and fast construction periods. All products and services met expected standards immediately.

Composite geomembrane liners at 150g/m2-0.3mm-150g/m2 have a high adaptability, and a quick construction speed. Due to the high sense of responsibility and shifts of workers to keep the project going for 24 hours every day, the project was completed quickly and with outstanding results.

The Main Geosynthetics Materials Used in the Seepage Prevention Project

Composite Geomembrane: (150g/m2-0.3mm-150g/m2)
Due to the combination of the advantages of geotextiles and geomembrane, it has a great seepage resistant performance and isolation.

Filament Nonwoven Geomembrane
It reinforces the loose earth foundation, and isolates the clay stratum, which shows its good inverse filtering and protectiveness.

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