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Water Conservancy Engineering-Ningxia

Duyaogou Reservoir Project
Duyaogou reservoir is located in Yanchi county, in China.
The project received formal approval from the water conservation department of Ninxia autonomous region on October 21st, 2014 with an overall investment of 56.74 million yuan. The project was fully implemented in March of 2015. An earlier acceptance was delivered by the water conservation department of Ninxia autonomous region on August 31st. 1st

With a total storage of 3.32 million m3, the project is composed of three homogeneous earth dams, an intake structure, a water conveyance structure and pumping station. Three tenders are included in the project. The first tender includes the eastern auxiliary damn, a seepage prevention area of 140,000 m2, road engineering, regulator, and building construction engineering. The second tender includes the southern auxiliary damn and a seepage prevention area of 195,000 m2. The third tender contains the earth damn project, water tower project, and seepage prevention area spanning 97,000m2. The total seepage prevention area is 430,000 m2.

The project was completed in September 2015, with an expected water storage volume of 1 million m3 by the end of the year. The completion of the reservoir effectively improves the agricultural irrigation conditions downstream, and also plays an important role in resistance to droughts, improving regulation and storage capability and the ecological environment, as well as for providing water for agricultural and industrial sectors. Composite geomembranes produced by Haoyang reduced the seepage discharge of the damn foundation, ensuring the final stability of the damn.

Brief Introduction of Our Product
The materials used in the project include two geotextiles and one geomembrane. The membrane is a PE geomembrane (polyethylene geomembrane), and the two layers are polyester staple fiber geotextiles, with technical parameters of 200g/0.5mm/200g, and with a thickness of 0.5mm. The geomembrane is a composite geomembrane liner, which is made of a PE geomembrane and nonwoven geotextiles. The PE geotextile is used as a seepage prevention base material.

Currently, polyethylene (PE) geomembrane is the main impervious geomembrane. PE geomembrane is a flexible polymer material with small specific gravity, strong extensibility, high adaptability, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and good frost resistance.

The product is applied in the following composite nonwoven geotextiles: HYS2.5—HYS25 nonwoven geotextile, 140gsm—1700gsm woven geotextile, and P3—P26 nonwoven geotextile. After its combination with a geomembrane, both the strength of extension, puncture resistance, and the friction factor with the contact surface of the geomembrane are increased. It also increases the stability of the composite geomembrane and its protective layer. These geotextiles also have an excellent have an erosion resistance, and the HYS2.5—HYS25 nonwoven geotextile is acid and alkali resistant.

Technical parameters
One geotextile one geomembrane (geotextile: 100-1000g/m2; Geomembrane thickness: 0.1-1.5mm)
Two geotextiles one geomembrane (geotextile: 80-600/m2; Geomembrane thickness: 0.2-1.5mm)
One geotextile two geomembranes (geotextile: 100-1000g /m2; Geomembrane thickness: 0.1-0.8mm)
Multi-geotextile multi- geomembranes (geotextile: 100-1000g /m2; Geomembrane thickness: 0.1-0.8mm)

Packing specification
Width: 2-6m; length: 50-100 meters
The project uses the sabre fiber composite geomembrane, which has many features, including an excellent sealing performance, seepage prevention performance, isolation, strengthening, and protectiveness. It can effectively prevent damage to the water dike, and reduce the project costs. A high-quality, low-cost construction is available with the material, and secures a long-term seepage prevention and damn protection effect.

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