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Sanjiang River Control Project in Heilongjiang Province
The planned embankment length of the Sanjiang river control project is 2955km, with 23 construction tenders, 10 supervision tenders and 10 inspection tenders. The new and reinforced embankment length is 2537 kilometers, which is planned to provide drainage service for 644 blocks, 278 of which are newly built or have been rebuilt.

This project is designed to protect an area of 42 billion m2, with more than 10.74 million residents protected against flooding. The estimated investment is about 24.3 billion yuan, and the construction time is about 3-5 years.

Sanjiang river control project is an important act in implementing the central decision of benefiting people by building water conservation projects, and also an important symbol to promote the management of the Sanjiang River.

Accelerating the Sanjiang river control project will increase flood control and mitigation capabilities. It is significant as it will promote the sustainable and healthy development of the local economy in the Heilongjiang Province as well as to ensure national flood control security, food security, ecological security and homeland security. The use of staple fiber geotextiles and other products produced by Haoyang as a damn reinforcement material will enhance the watershed flood control and drainage comprehensive disaster reduction capacity.

Staple fiber geotextile, geomembrane and other products produced by Haoyang are being used in this project. Diverse geosynthetic materials are being used due to different tenders and requirements.

They are Listed as Follows:

Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile
In the lower part of the embankment, the staple fiber nonwoven geotextile is used to strengthen the soft foundation, and prevent the erosion of the water. The material improves the earth stability, prevents cracks, and avoids frost damage to the soil. It also plays an important role in reducing the project cost, improving construction quality, and shortening the construction period.

Composite Geomembrane
A composite geomembrane is used in the lower part of the embankment. The geomembrane has many features, including an excellent sealing performance, seepage prevention performance, isolation, strengthening, and protectiveness. It will effectively prevent damage to the water dike, and reduce the project costs. A high-quality, low-cost construction is available with the material.

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