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Solid waste disposal-Ningxia

Ultra - Fine Fly Ash Solid Waste Disposal
Location of Construction Site: Linwu City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Planned Activity Duration: from October 2015 to September 2018

The Current Plan
Lingwu Company's new project of fine fly ash solid comprehensive utilization was contracted and invested by Hangzhou Jinjiang Group Ningxia Fairview Industrial Company. Ningxia Fairview Industrial Company is the key enterprise of "double-hundred engine" in a circular economy published by the National Development and Reform Commission, and is known as a key enterprise in solid waste disposal.

The complete investment of the project is 520 million RMB, and covers an area of 123,333.3 m2. The project primarily deals with the construction of a cement grinding center, scientific research center, and an ashery. With a projected annual throughout of 3 million tons, the expected annual sales income is 0.3 billion RMB. The coal ash produced in the Lingwu plant will be processed in order to achieve circular use of the industrial waste. A filament geocomposite geomembrane is used in the seepage control system to prevent environmental pollution.

The filament geocomposite geomembrane produced by our company has been chosen for use. In addition to its closure, seepage prevention, isolation, reinforcement, and protectiveness, the product is also corrosion and aging resistant. It is suitable for a long-term storage for alkaline waste residue in an uneven terrain.

The project has already been put into use, and so far, has seen outstanding environmental effects and economic benefits.

Features of the Filament Geocomposite Geomembrane
High strength
Penetration resistance
Acid and alkali resistant,
Corrosion resistant
Aging resistant
Excellent filtration performance
Soil retention
It also plays an important role in protection, filtering and isolation.

520 million RMB

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