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Solid waste disposal-Shaanxi

The First-Stage Project of a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
The seepage control project for this first-stage project of municipal solid waste landfill was done with a composite liner, and used our company's drainage geonet to guide the leachate drainage, which effectively protects the surface water, groundwater and soil from being polluted.

The first-stage project for a municipal solid waste landfill is located in Jingbian County, covering an area of 62,476m2, with a landfill capacity of 1.04 million m3, and an effective capacity of 1.029 million m3, filling scale of 300 tons/day, and 10-year service life.

Sanitary landfill technology is used to improve the environmental conditions of the original garbage dumping site, providing a cleaner location that improves upon space utilization.

The Seepage Control Technologies Concerned in the Project are Listed as Follows (the order is listed from bottom to top)
Lateral seepage control system
Impermeable composite liner system for the bottom area
HYF4.5—HYF40 nonwoven geotextile
HDPE artificial impermeable layer
Drainage geonets
Soil compaction

Diverse seepage control technologies are used in order to avoid the pollution of the surrounding surface water, groundwater and soil caused by the harmful leachate, reduce damage to human health, save pollution control costs, reduce the economic losses caused by pollution, and to improve the satisfaction of local residents. This project offers environmental, economic and social benefits.

We took the overall effect into consideration, and put a composite structure into use for the seepage control system.

The Materials Used in the System are Listed from Bottom to Top as Follows:
1. 3D drainage geonet
The geonet reinforces subgrade, and is able to inverse the filter, drain the water away, let the air in, and protect the subgrade from external damage. It also reduces the thickness of the drainage layer, increases the effective inventory, reduces the construction costs and features an extended service life.

2. Geosynthetic Clay Liner
The clay liner effectively protects the HDPE geomembrane by avoiding friction caused by uneven loads or sharp objects.

As it takes a subsidiary role in seepage resistance the geosynthetic clay liner produces no pollution to groundwater, and prevents groundwater reverse osmosis.

3. HDPE geomembrane liner: corrosion, aging, seepage resistant, isolated away from water

4. Nonwoven Geotextile: Aging and impact resistant, this geotextile effectively protects the HDPE geomembrane liner by avoiding friction caused by uneven loads and sharp objects. The design is conductive in order to smoothly drain the leachate, landfilling operations and improve landfill space utilization.

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