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Solid waste disposal-Indonesia

Indonesian Alumina Red Mud Pond Project
Due to the stable quality and a higher performance compared to the national standard, our HYH0.5—HYHT3 HDPE geomembrane liners was chosen by a client for an Indonesian alumina red mud pond project, and received outstanding feedback from the customer.

Red mud is a mixture of waste residues and waste water produced in the production of aluminum ore. It is known as red mud because it is rich in iron oxide (ferrous oxide is oxidized to iron oxide in open conditions), giving it a reddish color. Red mud is strongly alkaline, and contains aluminum in an ionic state, fluorine, chromium and other harmful substances. Improper disposal will lead to environmental pollution of both water and soil, which is why a red mud pond needs a reliable seepage prevention system. We usually use damns to intercept the baller, or a flat to form a pond, which is then used to store the red mud.

The Following Includes the Different Layers of the Seepage Control System in the Red Mud Pond
1. HDPE geomembrane: corrosion, aging and seepage resistant, isolation

2. The upper filament spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextile:
The geotextile is permeable and used as an inverted layer. It avoids the damages to the geomembrane caused by sharp objects or friction from abrupt and uneven load-bearing.

3. The lower filament spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextile:
It protects the geomembrane from damage caused by sharp objects.

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