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Solid waste disposal-Kunming

Phosphogypsum Tailings Impoundment Project for Sinochem Yunlong Co., Ltd.
In order to provide a safe and effective disposal for the tailing wastes, we provided the products needed and carried out the construction using HDPE geomembrane liners, geotextiles, drainage geonet, and other products required.

The tailings impoundment project is located in Laoheilonggou in the Yunnan Province. The first stage is a third class tailing, with an effective storage capacity of 8,342,700m3, which satisfies the need for 10-year production and stockpiling. It also has a 20km slurry pipeline and a 20km backwater pipe. The seepage prevention system for tailings impoundment is composed of several layers.

1. Leveling the foundation and compacting it
2. Compacting clay, geogrid, 4800g/m2 GCL geosynthetic clay liner, and 6.3mm 3D drainage geonets
3. Using the 600g/m2 geotextile

The project is located in a valley with long and narrow terrain that is steep on both sides.

The Design Structure of the Tailings Impoundment is Detailed Below From the Bottom Layer to the Top and Side Slopes.
1. Geosynthetic clay liner
It effectively avoids damage from differential settlements to the HDPE geomembrane liner, and also plays a secondary role in seepage prevention and separation.

2. HYHT1—HYHT3 HDPE geomembrane liner
The HYHT1—HYHT3 HDPE geomembrane liner helps to overcome the problems caused by poor geological conditions, and meets the engineering requirements. Not only does it have excellent mechanical properties, great elongation and outstanding chemical stability, the HYHT1—HYHT3 HDPE geomembrane liner also helps to improve its skid resistant performance and construction quality.

3. Filament fiber spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextile
The geotextile is permeable, and it avoids damages to the geomembrane caused by sharp objects or friction from abruptly uneven load-bearing.

Both the product performance and construction quality satisfy the requirements from actual use.

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