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Transportation Projects-Beijing-Shijiazhuang

Construction Site of the Beijing-Shijiazhuang High Speed Railway Project
Due to varied construction requirements, 30KN/m biaxial geogrid of 87,000m2, 100KN/m biaxial geogrid of 67,000m2, geotextiles and many other products supplied by Haoyang have been used in different sections of the project.

Taking into consideration the ride performance during high speed operation, one of the major problems in railway construction is the ability to control deformations in the roadbed. This produces an extra force to the carriage wheel during high-speed motion, which shortens the service life of the structures and even cause dangerous conditions. The damage can become expensive for maintenance and handling. However, the usage of high quality geosynthetics, such as those from Haoyang, can effectively avoid this issue, leading to the wide usage of Haoyang products in the Beijing Shijiazhuang high speed railway project.

Several Examples are Listed as Follows
P3—P26 Nonwoven Geotextile: high strength, good extensibility, large deformation modulus, acid-base resistance, corrosion resistance

Biaxial Geogrid
It has a high strength, and small elongation.
The product is capable of mitigating impact when passing through transition sections.

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