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Solid waste disposal-Heqing

Expansion Project for Tailings Pond for Heqing Beiya Mining Industry Co., Ltd.
HDPE geomembrane, filament spunbond non-woven geotextile, biaxial geogrid and other products supplied by Haoyang were used in the project. Our products and construction services provide long-term stability to the seepage prevention system, effectively avoiding pollution from the tailing percolate to the surrounding area.

The expanded tailing pond covers 17,000,000m3, with a 12-year service life. Because the chlorine tailings are considered hazardous wastes, we used a double liner seepage prevention system in accordance with the national technical requirements for safety landfills of hazardous materials.

The tailing pond is located in rough terrain with multiple hills, where the earth is primarily comprised of fine-grained soil, sandy soil and rocks. The geosynthetics used in the seepage prevention system are listed from the bottom layer to the top layer, as follows:

Biaxial geogrid
It has a large tensile strength in both vertical and horizontal directions. The grid provides excellent endurance and diffusion in the soil, thus reinforcing the large foundation with a permanent bearing capacity.

Filament non-woven geotextile
The material effectively protects the HDPE geomembrane by avoiding the friction caused by uneven loads or sharp objects.

HDPE geomembrane
Corrosion and aging resistant, thus forming a great seepage resistance.

Staple fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile
The material comes into direct contact with the landfill waste. It is permeable and filter inverted.

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