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Smart Pot

HAOYANG HYSP series Smart pot (non-woven, laminate) comes in the form of cylinder, cone or square or rectangle shape (with or without handles). This recyclable and durable smart pot, which is made from 100% PP needle-punching non woven fabric and laminate through special processing, features light weight, excellent tensile, outstanding ultraviolet-proofing. On contrast to traditional plastic flower container, this smart pot container seems a cheaper, cost- efficient, durable and non-pollution alternative with excellent drainage and gas-penetration for various plants.

Product Specifications
Model Volume Bottom Size Side Height Model Volume Bottom Size Side Height
HYSP-1 1 gal 16cm 6 inch 20cm 8 inch HYSP-75 75 gal 85cm 33 inch 50cm 20 inch
HYSP-2 2 gal 20cm 8 inch 20cm 8 inch HYSP-100 100 gal 100cm 39 inch 50cm 20 inch
HYSP-3 3 gal 24cm 9 inch 25cm 10 inch HYSP-125 125 gal 110cm 43 inch 50cm 20 inch
HYSP-5 5 gal 30cm 12 inch 25cm 10 inch HYSP-150 150 gal 110cm 43 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-7 7 gal 30cm 12 inch 30cm 12 inch HYSP- 200 gal 125cm 49 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-10 10 gal 40cm 16 inch 30cm 12 inch HYSP-300 300 gal 155cm 61 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-15 15 gal 50cm 20 inch 30cm 12 inch HYSP-400 400 gal 175cm 69 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-20 20 gal 55cm 22 inch 30cm 12 inch HYSP-500 500 gal 200cm 79 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-30 30 gal 60cm 24 inch 40cm 16 inch HYSP-600 600 gal 220cm 87 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-40 40gal 70cm 28 inch 40cm 16 inch HYSP-700 700 gal 235cm 93 inch 60cm 24 inch
HYSP-50 50 gal 75cm 30 inch 40cm 16 inch HYSP-800 800 gal 250cm 98 inch 60cm 24 inch

Material: (polypropylene / polyester needle punched non-woven geotextile)
Color: Pattern Color, White, Grey, Black, Camel, Green or any preferred by the buyer.
Packing: carton or woven bag


This smart pot (tree bag) is widely used in fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, cash crops, garden nurseries, desert greening and greening facilities in public places. Different ratios of ingredients and processing are acceptable in order to fit different customer requirements, assuring that we can supply the right product for their specific needs. This non-polluting, environmentally friendly smart pot container features a service life that lasts between 1 to 8 years, depending on the acidic properties in the soil wherever it is embedded.


The HAOYANG HYSP series smart pot (non-woven, laminate) is available in a cylinder, cone, square or rectangular shape (with or without handles) to suit various customer needs. It is made of PP/PET (polypropylene / polyester) non-woven fabric. This pot varies from 20cm to 250cmin bottom diameter, 20 to 60cmin height, 1mm to 1cm for the thickness, and 1 gallon to 800 gallons for the volume.


This recyclable and durable smart pot, is made from 100% PP needle-punching non-woven fabric and a laminate through a special processing. It features a light weight, an excellent tensile strength and outstanding ultraviolet resistance.

Different from a traditional plastic flower container, this smart pot container costs less, and is more cost-efficient, durable and pollution free, with an excellent drainage and gas penetration performance for nearly any plant.

Haoyang is a leading environmental protection service provider, a manucturer, marketer and installer of geosynthtic products and service. We deliver consistancy of products and service to our customers through our expertise and professional team with the determination to serve our customers and protect our enviroment.

Our national approved R&D Center focuses on new material, product and project innovation; our team of expertise focuses on quality and customized products, giving us the strength to handle challenging projects to guarantee our clients' success.

Smart pots mainly for United States, Australia, Europe, France and so on.

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