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 Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

HAOYANG HYG series GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner is made by filling high swelling sodium bentonite between the special composite geotextile fabric, non-woven fabric special needle punched method to lock sodium bentonite into woven fabric in the lower layer by non-woven fabric in the upper layer, thus to provide protection and reinforcement of bentonite. Many small fiber space can be created by needle punched method, when GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner contacts water and starts to swell, the sodium bentonite can absorb the water weighing six times than its own weight, to prevent bentonite from moving in one direction, thus to form a uniform, high-density coating-shape water-proof layer, to exclude water and waterproof. In order to enhance waterproofing of GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner, a composite HDPE Geo-membrane is used to cover nonwoven fabric, so this Product is also known as Geosynthetic Clay Liner with HDPE Membrane.

Product Specifications
Tested Property Unit Test Method HYG4500 HYG4800 HYG-P5000 HYG-OF5300
Mass ≥ g/㎡ ASTM D5261 4500 4800 5000 5300
Nonwoven geotextile mass ≥ g/㎡ ASTM D5261 200 200 200 200
Woven geotextile mass ≥ g/㎡ ASTM D5261 120 120 120 120
Geomembrane thickness ≥ mm ASTM D 5199 -- -- -- 0.2
Bentonite mass ≥ g/㎡ DIN EN965 4180 4480 4680 4680
Bentonite expansion index ≥ ml/2g ASTM D5890 24 24 24 24
Moisture content ≤ % ASTM D 4643 12 12 12 12
Fluid loss ≤ ml ASTM D 5891 18 18 18 18
Tensile strength ≥ Kn/m ASTM D 4633 6 6 10 10
Peel strength(nonwoven geotextile/woven geotext N/100mm ASTM D 4632 40 40 65 40
Peel strength(PE geomembrane/Nonwoven geote N/100mm ASTM D 4632 -- -- -- 30
Permeability ≤ cm/s ASTM D 5084 5.0×10^(-9) 5.0×10^(-9) 5.0×10^(-9) 5.0×10^(-9)
Indicating flow ≤ m³/㎡/sec ASTM D 5887 5.0×10^(-8) 5.0×10^(-8) 5.0×10^(-8) 5.0×10^(-8)
Typical Roll Width(40'HC) m 5.92 5.92m 5.92 5.92

Weight: 4500g/m2,4800g/m2,5000g/m2,5300g/m2
Width: up to6m
Length: 20m,30m,40m, or as required by the customer
Production Ability:10000m2/day
Packing: roll, outer PE plastic membrane composite woven fabric


HAOYANG HYG series GCL geosynthetic clay liners are made by filling high swelling sodium bentonite between layers of a special composite geotextile fabric and non-woven fabric. A special needle punching method locks the sodium bentonite into the woven fabric in the lower layer by punching through the non-woven fabric in the upper layer, thus, providing both protection and reinforcement of the bentonite. Many small fiber spaces can be created using needle punched method.

When GCL geosynthetic clay liners come into contacts with water and starts to swell, the sodium bentonite can absorb up to 6 times its own weight in water, in order to prevent the bentonite from moving in one direction. Thus, it dorms a uniform, high density and waterproof coating.

Advantages of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL)

1. Compact
Sodium bentonite will form a high density diaphragm about3mmthick while being exposed to hydraulic pressure. It features a permeability of αx10-11 m/ sec, which is more than 100 times that of30cmthick clay, with a strong inherent water reservation performance.

2. Permanent waterproof performance
Because sodium bentonite is a natural inorganic material, there is no aging or corrosion even after long term exposure, or the surrounding environment changes.

3. Simple and short construction
Compared to an HDPE geomembrane, geosynthetic clay liners are relatively simple in terms of construction, as they don't require heating or glue- just the bentonite powder, nails and washers are enough for connection and fixing. No special inspection is needed after construction, and it's easy to repair if waterproofing defects are detected. Overall construction time involving the geosynthetic clay liner is much shorter than that of an HDPE geomembrane.

4. Independence from climate
It's easy for an HDPE geomembrane exposed to cold weather to become brittle and break, something the GCL will not do.

5. Integration of waterproof materials and objects
When it reacts with water, sodium bentonite can swell 13-16 times larger than its original size. Even if it vibrates inside of a concrete structure, the bentonite inside the GCL will repair cracks within 2mm of a concrete surface.

6. Environmentally-friendly
Bentonite is a natural inorganic and environmentally-friendly material, producing no toxins or harmful materials for people, as well as no overall effects on the environment.

Special Products

In order to enhance the waterproof performance of geosynthetic clay liners, a composite HDPE geo-membrane is used to cover the nonwoven fabric. This has led to the product also being referred to as a geosynthetic clay liner with HDPE membrane.

Haoyang is a leading environmental protection service provider, a manucturer, marketer and installer of geosynthtic products and service. We deliver consistancy of products and service to our customers through our expertise and professional team with the determination to serve our customers and protect our enviroment.

Our national approved R&D Center focuses on new material, product and project innovation; our team of expertise focuses on quality and customized products, giving us the strength to handle challenging projects to guarantee our clients' success.

Haoyang draiange geonets mainly for landfill project, also be called: gcl; geosynthetics; clay liners/bentonite liner; bentonite mat; gcl pond liner.

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