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 Drainage Geonets

Drainage Geonets

HAOYANG HYD series Composite geonet for drainage, the drainage net is manufactured from HDPE,adding anti-aging agent and using special plastic processing technology and machinery, through heating, extrusion-molding and cooling extrusion to produce two or three staggered ribs to form three-dimensional spatial smoother drainage strucure and overlapping network structure created by two layers of interlocked ribs with compatibility with plastic raw materials, this composite drain net can bear high mechanical loads, and geotextile effectively prevent all kinds of impurities from clogging the mesh.

Technical parameters for Bi-planar Drain Net
Tested Property Unit HYD2-5 HYD2-6.3 HYD2-8 HYD2-10
Thickness mm 5 6.3 8 10
Density g/m³ 0.94 0.94 0.94 0.94
Carbon black content % 2 2 2 2
Tensile strength(longitudinal) KN/m 8 8 9 9.5
Hydraulic conductivity m/s 2.0*10^(-3) 2.0*10^(-3) 2.0*10^(-3) 2.0*10^(-3)
Typical Roll Width(40'HC) m 2/4 2/4 2/4 2/4
Technical parameters for Tri-planar Drain Net
Tested Property Unit HYD3-5 HYD3-6 HYD3-7 HYD3-7.6
Thickness mm 5 6 7 7.6
Density g/m³ 0.94 0.94 0.94 0.94
Elongation % 50 50 50 50
Tensile strength(longitudinal) KN/m 8 10 12 14
Hydraulic conductivity m/s K*10^(-4) K*10^(-4) K*10^(-3) K*10^(-3)
Typical Roll Width(40'HC) m 2/2.9 2/2.9 2/2.9 2/2.9

Width: 2m/2.9m
Length: general30m,50m, or as required by customers
Color: black, green or as required by customers
Packing: woven fabric or as required by customers
Production: 5000m2/day


Waterproofing and drainage in urban landfills
Railway subgrades, slopes & platforms
Station house foundation & roof waterproofing
Waterproofing and drainage in ditches
Waterproofing and drainage for retaining walls and tunnel engineering
Waterproofing and drainage on roofs for urban landscapes, underground garages and various buildings
Waterproofing and drainage for hydraulic engineering
Reinforcing dam and slope engineering


Bi-planar drainage geonets are also known as two-dimensional drainage geogrids and double layer geosynthetic drainage nets. The three-dimensional drainage net is also called a tri-planar drainage net, tri-dimension compound geonet, and 3D drainage net. Based on customer requirements, these drainage geonets can be combined with other materials, including geotextiles and geomembranes to form a multiple protection system with filtration, drainage, ventilation and impermeability purposes for various projects.

Production process

HAOYANG HYD series drainage geonets are manufactured using high density polyethylene (HDPE) with added aging resistant agents and a manufacturing process that uses special plastic processing technology and machinery.

Manufacturing involves heating, extrusion molding and cooling extrusion in order to produce two or three staggered ribs to form a 3D spatial smoother drainage structure and overlapping network structure. This structure is created using two layers of interlocked ribs that are compatible with plastic raw materials.

This ensures the composite drain net can then bear high mechanical loads, as well as effectively preventing impurities from clogging the mesh, guaranteeing a smooth performance that will satisfy customer requirements for keeping their projects working smoothly.


1. High tensile mechanical properties, long service life, strong load-carry capacity
2. Acid and alkali resistance, fitting for various special projects
3. Excellent drainage and hydraulic conductivity without causing clogging on the drainage system
4. Convenient installation that is not affected by the weather

Haoyang is a leading environmental protection service provider, a manucturer, marketer and installer of geosynthtic products and service. We deliver consistancy of products and service to our customers through our expertise and professional team with the determination to serve our customers and protect our enviroment.

Our national approved R&D Center focuses on new material, product and project innovation; our team of expertise focuses on quality and customized products, giving us the strength to handle challenging projects to guarantee our clients' success.

Haoyang draiange geonets mainly for landfill project,also be called: geonets drainage; drainage geonet; geonet drainage composite; geonet drainage core; drainage geocomposite geonet; geonet drainage layer; bi-planar geonet; tri-planar geonet; drainage geonets; composite drains; drainage composite; geocomposite drainage mats; geo-composite drains; geocomposite drainage systems; drainage composites ; geocomposites.

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