Geotextiles, Geogrids And Geomembranes
For The Construction Industry

Haoyang Environmental Co., a large comprehensive service supplier, with proven expertise in consulting and the designing of environmental projects, research and development of diverse materials, construction, and disposal of hazardous wastes. Our firm supplies a wide array of products and services in the following industries; geotextiles and geomembrane. Details


Hao Yang operates over 20 production lines, including production lines for the first batch of blow molded geomembrane with 10 meters width and the first filament geotextile twin screw extrusion line in China. We also design and apply in-house special production lines for reinforced geomembranes, composite geotextiles and ultra-wide fabrics.

English Name: Hao Yang Environmental Co.,Ltd.
Russian Name: ООО Хао Ян окружающей среды

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